BOOM Power is preparing to submit plans for a solar farm (New Hall Solar Farm) on land located south of Overton, Wakefield, WF4 4RP. The project could have up to a generating capacity of 30.96 megawatts (MWp) for distribution to the national grid. This is equivalent to the annual electrical needs of approximately 14,900 family homes across Wakefield.

The anticipated Co2e displacement is around 16,900 tonnes per year, which represents an emission saving equivalent of a reduction of 12,800 cars on the road every year. It will assist Wakefield Council’s ambition to become a carbon neutral borough by 2030. This means delivering a net zero carbon footprint. They aim to help the entire district achieve this goal by 2038, aligning with the national and international targets. It is important to note that this project is non-subsidised, therefore not requiring government funding.

Detailed assessments have been undertaken that have helped design a scheme that is sensitive towards and compatible with the local landscape and environment. The proposed solar farm offers the opportunity for ecological enhancements, which will see a biodiversity net gain including improvements to natural habitats for a range of invertebrates, small mammals and birds. The developer will retain existing rights of way and footpaths whilst ensuring no existing trees or hedgerows are removed to accommodate the solar farm.

Residents were invited to a public consultation event which was held in November 2022 where BOOM Power’s project team presented plans and took questions regarding the proposal. The public consultation process is ongoing, and the Boom team are collating feedback, integrating feedback into the scheme design. To learn more about the proposals and to provide feedback, visit:

The UK Government and many local authorities, including Wakefield District Council, have declared Climate Emergencies in response to the growing and imminent threat posed by climate change, and this application proposes precisely the type and location of new energy infrastructure needed to help counter that very serious threat.

Mark Hogan, Founder of Boom Power said: “We are living through an energy security and climate crisis. Our proposals for New Hall solar farm follow Wakefield District Council’s own declaration of a climate emergency as well as wider targets from Government to reach Net Zero carbon emissions by 2050. Changing the way we get our energy has never been more important. We’re currently consulting with residents to ensure that our proposals can deliver energy security whilst respecting the character of the area.”