Boom Power has the initiative and experience to turn a project concept into a valued asset. If you are a landowner looking to create an additional revenue stream whilst contributing towards a sustainable future, please contact us today.

  • For a diverse, long term income backed by a major international fund
  • Help towards a sustainable economy by delivering green energy to the local community
  • Retain agricultural use by allowing sheep to graze on the land
  • Receive income from the moment the shovel hits the ground
  • For an attractive long-term lease with reasonable legal costs covered
  • The guarantee that full removal and land restoration post-lease will be backed by an insurance bond


An engineering, procurement and construction contract, often referred to as an ‘EPC’ is the most common form of contract used to commence the construction of large-scale infrastructure projects. An EPC contractor requires effective communication, strong capabilities and efficient project management. These are vital characteristics for a successful project build of which Boom Power will manage.


Engineers are the brains behind the planning, design and implementation of all our solar projects. Typically, the engineer will carry out a site assessment and client consultation. This enables us to understand if the land itself meets the requirements to successfully utilise a solar installation before continuing into the design and implementation stages. They will then agree the most effective panel configuration and layout to achieve the greatest production of energy.


The procurement team combine the local planning, equipment and installation requirements to produce a detailed project budget and build schedule. Liaising consistently with suppliers and contractors ensures goods and services provided are cost effective and deliverable lead times are achieved.


 We ensure quality and excellence are continuously achieved by using carefully selected suppliers and contractors. All projects have a detailed schedule with logistic management playing a leading role. It is essential the project manager is given the support to enable materials to flow smoothly and proficiently by using clearly defined access routes whilst minimising disruption to the surrounding community. Our site managers ensure that health and safety legislation is fully adhered to whilst build quality standards are continually monitored by our technical compliance team.


Our specialist operations and maintenance team have some of the best contacts in the industry and understand the importance of technical evolution. The quality of the components used across our projects are of the highest standard which enables the optimum efficiency. We have previously managed and controlled a portfolio of over 200 megawatts across 20 projects including site security, fault management, system maintenance and data control. Taking care of all of these aspects ensures the reliability and safety of our client’s investments for the entire life-span of the project.

Boom Power guarantee to coordinate the monitoring of all components. We implement monthly, quarterly and annual onsite maintenance and ground work to ensure the guaranteed performance ratio is achieved.