Boom Power has been given the green light to construct over 90 megawatts (AC capacity) across two solar farms both situated within Yorkshire. Osgodby (+40MW AC capacity) and Low Farm (49.9MW AC capacity) will assist the councils of Selby District and Kirklees to deliver their zero carbon emissions targets across their boroughs by 2030 as they respectively strive to become carbon neutral boroughs by 2050, thus aligning with national targets. Renewable energy is more powerful than ever before, meeting a quarter of the UK’s power demand during the summer months heatwave where we saw record-breaking temperatures. Evidently, with the extreme weather, energy security crisis and the affordability of electricity within the UK, we must accelerate the renewable sector to tackle the immediate effects of climate change.  Short-term government support must be supported with a strategy for longer term energy independence. The ongoing acceptance and approval of solar projects, such as these, is part of the solution to this urgent need to transition the UK to a sustainable future.  These projects align with general public support of 73% in favour as demonstrated in a recent YouGov poll.

The approval of these projects form part of Boom Power’s renewable pipeline, which is now approaching three gigawatts in the UK alone – this achievement will allow Boom Power to begin the next steps towards construction and operation over coming months for connection to the electricity network.  Construction is anticipated to start early 2023 with long lead-time supply chain commitments having already been committed by Boom Power.

Mark Hogan, Founder and Director of Boom Power comments: “We are thrilled to be taking active steps towards the quest to challenge climate change. These projects will contribute by powering over 31,000 family homes and preventing the CO2 emissions of over 47,000 tonnes annually. This is a fantastic step for us as a team and we look forward to collaborating with the local communities and councils as we move into the construction phase. This is just the start of Boom Power’s dedication and ongoing commitment to shaping a greener energy landscape and being a catalyst of change for future generations.”

Hogan continued “The two consented solar projects follow on from our announcement earlier this month of our forthcoming project of national significance, East Yorkshire Solar Farm, which represents 400 megawatts (AC capacity). In parallel, the team are working on a battery energy storage system in Wales which again, if successful, will provide over 600 megawatt-hours of energy infrastructure to the electricity network.  These systems come on the back of National Grid having to buy energy from overseas for approaching £10,000/MWh, almost 5,000% higher than the national average as reported by Bloomberg during the summer. The Boom Power team are striving to provide the energy independence we need, utilising renewable energy, sustainable technologies from non-fossil fuel sources.”

Jan Kruger, Managing Director of Pelion Green Future, Boom Power’s joint venture shareholder and partner, comments: “having started our journey with Mark Hogan and the Boom Power team a little over 18 months ago, we are absolutely delighted with the progress that has been achieved.  The team at Boom Power not only have the experience of having steered multiple projects through planning development in recent years; they also have the structure and experience to take the project through construction and longer-term operations.  These qualities fit very well within the global aspirations of Pelion Green Future as long-term investors in this sector.  Mark Hogan’s team, and his personal drive, are helping catapult Pelion Green Futures growth across multiple geographies, in renewable technologies across the globe.  Our combined global development pipeline now stands are +7GW with +1.4GW of energy being produced through our investments.  This is the beginning of an exciting journey.”