Boom Power has secured a succession of projects which substantially accelerates their renewable pipeline, which if successful would aid a dramatic shift in energy security which is urgently required within the UK. 

Boom Power have obtained an import and export grid connection of 237.5 (AC) megawatts at Thorpe Marsh Power Station, Doncaster. Given the scale of the import and export connection which will house both solar supported by Battery Energy Storage systems (BESS), this project will be classified as a Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project (NSIP) and therefore, assessed by the Secretary of State for Energy Security and Net Zero. Battery storage complements this scheme by allowing energy to be discharged or called upon by the electricity network on demand for both emergencies and grid balancing, responding to sudden changes or fluctuations. The 237.5-megawatt import allows the batteries to charge at non-peak times when there is surplus energy, capturing what would otherwise be wasted renewable energy. The land within the local area is being explored and feasibility studies are underway to inform the scheme. This announcement is Boom Power’s second NSIP project following on from East Yorkshire Solar Farm at 400 megawatts. 

The next in succession of project proposals is Carrog Battery Energy Storage System located near Cemaes in Anglesey on approximately 2.3 hectares of land. As a standalone battery facility, this proposal will connect directly to the grid having the capacity to store around 660 megawatts-hours of energy, allowing discharge of power for a period of up to two hours. This is equivalent to the electrical needs of 83,069 family homes for a two-hour period per day. Boom Power’s development and associated landscape proposals have been designed to provide enhanced biodiversity gains for the local area, above the baseline conditions. Engagement has been made with an Anglesey based social enterprise with a view to delivering local benefits. 

Additionally, we are pleased to announce that Kenley Solar Farm in Hull has received planning consent and the Judicial period passed with no comment. 

To conclude, we have five other projects in the planning system totalling +100 megawatt-hours of BESS and +150 megawatts of solar, with a further +1 gigawatt of renewable projects going into planning over the course of 2023. Given the UK is a net importer of electricity, this remarkable pipeline will enormously contribute to the UK’s vital need to enable self-sufficiency. Mark Hogan, Founder of Boom Power comments, “a crucial part of the strategy to reach net zero by 2050 is to transition to an electricity system with 100% zero-carbon generation and a large proportion of this is to come from renewable energy. I am of firm belief that supporting ambitious action and bold commitments will supercharge the electricity market with a sustainable pathway into long-term energy independence.”