400MW Solar Farm in development for East Yorkshire


Boom Power has begun working with local landowners and National Grid plc on a large-scale solar farm development near Howden in East Yorkshire. As part of this development, Boom Power are excited to announce that they have secured an export grid capacity of 400 megawatts at Drax Power Station in Yorkshire.

The East Yorkshire Solar Farm will increase Boom Power’s renewable pipeline, projects either in development or producing electricity now, to more than two gigawatts – a substantial milestone for Boom Power since their formation in 2020.

Boom Power’s highly experienced team played a vital role, alongside Hive Energy, in the pioneering Cleve Hill Solar Park in Kent, which was granted a development consent order in May 2020. Cleve Hill was the first project of its kind to be granted development approval by the Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industry Strategy, making it the largest consented solar scheme in the UK.

The East Yorkshire Solar Farm, would be deemed a Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project (NSIP).

Mark Hogan, Founder and Director of Boom Power comments: “I am pleased to be on another NSIP journey for what would be a pioneering project to tackle the energy crisis we’re experiencing. Boom Power are perfectly positioned, holding extensive knowledge and experience in this sector to deliver another outstanding solar project in the near future.”

Boom Power have partnered with law firm Pinsent Masons and infrastructure consulting firm AECOM to support the development through the NSIP planning process and achieve a development consent order for the project.

Gareth Phillips, Renewable Energy Lawyer and Partner at Pinsent Masons, said: “The British Energy Security Strategy, published by the UK Government in April, emphasised the important role solar has to play in meeting 2030 decarbonisation targets and beyond. We are seeing several solar NSIPs coming forward now, due in no small part to the market leading approach the Boom Power team and its partners took to the Cleve Hill Solar Farm. I’m delighted to be partnering with Mark Hogan and his colleagues again in delivering such an important project”.