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POW - Protect our winters

Boom Power is proud to announce their sponsorship with Protect Our Winters UK. We have signed up to be the climate change organisation’s ‘Summit Partner’.  The sponsorship will empower POW UK to develop initiatives designed to educate and galvanise individuals into collective action on climate change, driving demand for a low carbon economy and a clean-energy future.

Protect our  Winters originally started by snowboard legend Jeremy Jones in the US in 2007 and now holds a passionate crew of international die-hards, professional athletes, climate experts and industry brands, mobilising the outdoor sports community to lead the charge towards positive climate action.

The UK branch was born in May 2017 and aims to create an optimistic narrative around climate change, educating and empowering individuals to take simple and rewarding actions, which will in turn create consumer and corporate pressure for sustainable products and investments. POW do this by engaging individuals and organisations through their snow-sports livelihood and passion. They educate them on the risks of climate change and support them to take effective action.

“The past decade has been the warmest on record and climate change is already impacting winter, with serious implications for the future of snow-sports”, says Sandy Trust, founder of POW UK. “Transitioning to a clean- energy economy by investing in solar energy has always been one of our organisation’s core priorities. We’re very grateful to Mark Hogan and the team for their belief in POW UK and are really looking forward to working together to make a difference.”

Mark Hogan, Founder and CEO of Boom Power comments “I am delighted to have partnered with the incredible organisation Protect Our Winters UK. Together, our key objective is to take positive action on climate change by creating a sustainable, clean, low carbon economy. We recognise that it is increasingly important to empower people to take positive action and collectively we can change the face of the future. I am excited to watch our partnership evolve and make a difference collaboratively!”

To discover more about the purpose of Protect Our  Winters, their ambassadors and to find out more about how you can take action please read our interview with the founder of POW UK, Sandy Trust – Moving Mountains to Combat Climate Change.