Diversify your land to create an additional revenue stream whilst generating renewable energy to contribute towards net zero targets.

Partner with us.

We offer a risk free partnership covering all development costs from arranging the lease of your land through to obtaining meaningful and transparent engagement with the local community as we prepare and proceed through the planning process.

If planning is successful, the next step would be to engineer, procure and construct the project. Unlike most developers, this process is managed by our expert in-house team.

A core principle is to ensure that landowners retain their role as custodians of their land for the next generation. Renewable energy projects offer temporary and fully reversible developments. At the end of the development’s life, typically 40 years, equipment will be removed and the land can return to its original condition. The status of the land will not be classified as brownfield and will retain greenfield status, protecting the land from other forms of development.

The general assumption is that the UK is not sunny enough to optimise solar and that full, direct sunshine is necessary. However, we use bi-facial modules which produce power from both sides making them extremely efficient with excellent weak light performance. Greater power output is therefore seen in weak light conditions such as cloud, dawn and sunset, allowing solar to work exceptionally well in the UK, producing power all year round.