Cirkel Supply Co.


Cirkel Supply Co. is an outdoor rental company based out of Val de Bagnes, Switzerland. By making rental effortless, affordable and of high quality, Cirkel inspires society to buy less and use more.

Cirkel offers high quality gear from leading outdoor brands that share their respect for nature. In winter 2022-23, Cirkel’s premium skiwear rental service proved to be popular with ski tourists visiting the Swiss Alps. The secret lies in Cirkel’s ultimate convenience: tourists simply order online, and Cirkel delivers the chosen outfit to the tourist’s destination before they arrive.

Now that the market demand for skiwear rental is validated, Cirkel is launching summer rental in the categories of hike, bike, and mountaineering. The Cirkel team is on a mission to make outdoor adventures more sustainable, convenient, and accessible to everyone.

“We’re delighted to partner with Mark Hogan and BOOM Power. It’s inspiring to see how they’ve built a sustainable business model to scale – something that we are striving for in our corner of the circular economy. Thanks to the BOOM Team for your ongoing partnership and support.”

Join Cirkel in the rental revolution – hop over to their website to learn how Cirkel’s convenient rental service can help you buy less and use more on your next adventure!